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Join Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach, Crystal Streets for a powerful Alchemize Your Life: Energy Healing + Manifestation Workshop.

Saturday, January 8th, 2022 from 12:00 pm-2 pm PT live on Zoom

My alchemic process for getting exactly what you want in 2022

When I started to awaken on my spiritual journey I began studying the spiritual and scientific process of manifestation. It was through my studies, sacred rituals & ceremonies, energy healing, and meditation I began to intentionally and consciously manifest the life of my dreams.

Abundance like happiness is an inside job. Being spiritually rich creates a rich life - rich in love, rich in peace, rich in health, rich in family, rich in laughter, rich in presence, rich in knowledge.

Through this Energy Healing + Manifestation Workshop, I will share my own manifestation rituals & tools, and guide you through a powerful energy healing, breathwork, and meditation to help you connect with your manifestation. We will work together to clear your energy blocks, realign open & energize your chakras while raising your vibration. Through this powerful process, I will help you step into your personal power; so you can gain clarity, cultivate deeper peace, reconnect with your most authentic self to help you bring your non-physical desires to physical manifestation. 

What does your soul truly desire in 2022?

Come ready to share something you wish to manifest that you haven't been able to do so on your own. We will be harnessing our collective energies to help each other bring this manifestation to fruition.

What's included in this Energy Healing + Manifestation Workshop:

  • Intention Setting
  • Shadow Work
  • Access to Crystal's Personal Manifestation Ritual & Tools
  • Energy Healing, Breathwork & Guided Meditation
  • Q & A Session
  • Homework & Aftercare Instructions
  • Recording of Workshop to Revisit

To prepare for the

Energy Healing + Manifestation Workshop:

  • Journal & Pen
  • Your fav crystals (optional)
  • Be prepared to set an intention for 1-2 things you would like to manifest
  • Candle to create a peaceful and healing container (optional)
  • Quiet space to lie down where you won't be interrupted
  • Recommend no alcohol or drugs 24 hours before or after the ceremony
  • Be open and ready to receive
  • Recommend not to eat anything heavy 1-2 hours before the ceremony
  • You will need headphones (strongly recommend for virtual sessions to control sound)
  • We recommend that you do not have plans after the ceremony. You’ll be best off resting and reflecting after the workshop

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