Crystal Streets is a rare find... she stands out as a Intuitive Fine Jeweler & Diamond Concierge. All of her jewelry is handcrafted in LA & NY using sustainable gold, ethically sourced gemstones & conflict-free diamonds from around the world. Jewels for the mind, body & spirit, she alchemizes precious metals & stones into healing jewelry, engagement rings & family heirlooms. She creates jewelry for the Modern Goddess that is symbolic, has a luxurious ease & elegance, and allows women to tell their unique stories through the art of layering fine jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is made with love, intention & delicate details inspired by women’s innate power & divine feminine energy. She has built a brand that is known for creating inspirational and timeless pieces and has been featured in The Smithsonian Museum, HSN, Vogue, Nylon, InStyle, Teen Vogue, and Glamour. She has also designed custom jewelry for Met Gala, has styled and created magical moments for some top celebs such as Rihanna, Ciara, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Nas, and Mariah Carey. Crystal was also a fan favorite of the Oxygen networks docu-series “House of Glam” in 2010, which initially served as a cornerstone to launch her first jewelry collection. After years on an intense spiritual journey of radical self-healing, self-acceptance, self-awareness, & more importantly self-love, she became certified as an Energy Healer. Her birth name “Crystal” is reflective of her healing gifts & purpose. She has a special awareness & knowledge of energetics in which she leverages to support others during energy healing sessions. Crystallinity Healing is her own authentic style of deep energetic healing for your energetic field, emotional & physical body. Using healing crystals, breathwork, crystal-infused sound bowls, & her own energy as a conduit to support her clients in the release of things that no longer serve them to clear blockages and raise their vibration so they can feel lighter, happier, empowered & more free.