14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace


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14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace
14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace
14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace

Curated with love and intention by Crystal Streets, this collection is hand-crafted to celebrate your rarity and resilience. Just like a diamond, you are beautiful, strong, multi-faceted, and brilliant. You, my Goddess, embody the epitome of a diamond - Unbreakable.

Handpicked and charged with divine love:

Each Herkimer Diamond in this collection has been personally sourced by Crystal Streets. Charged with divine love and light, these crystals stand as a testament to your strength and the multifaceted beauty that defines you.

The "diamonds" of the mineral world:
Herkimer quartz crystals, known as the "diamonds" of the mineral world, captivate with their purity, clarity, brilliance, and powerful energies. These crystals are like life-force magnets, drawing in what you seek.

Set your intention, manifest your desire:
Before adorning your Herkimer Diamond, set a powerful intention. Wear it as a constant reminder of your manifestation goal, and don't take it off until your intention materializes. Feel the crystal's energies align with yours, guiding you on your journey.

Renew and reset:
Once your intention has manifested, honor the crystal's energy by clearing it. Charge it under the brilliance of a full moon or cleanse it with sage. Then, set a new intention, allowing the cycle of manifestation to continue.

Empower yourself, sparkle on:
These Herkimer Diamonds are more than crystals; they are symbols of your empowerment and the radiant beauty that resides within you. Embrace the energy, set your intentions, and let the brilliance of these crystals accompany you on your journey.

Chain Material: 14k yellow gold
Stone: Herkimer Quartz Crystal
Size: Chain Adjusts 15"-16"

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14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace
14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace
14k Gold Diamond Goddess Necklace