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Sourced and energetically charged with love and light by our Founder Crystal herself, this selection of bountiful healing crystals was curated to help you balance, open and align your Heart Chakra. 

Heart Chakra is related to your ability to cultivate joy easily, love and acceptance of self, forgiveness, and an ability to give and receive love genuinely.

When it is closed:

  • Repressed heartache
  • Inability to forgive, resentment
  • Lack of trust, hope, or compassion

Included in the collection: 

Rose Quartz:

Seeks to heighten and optimize love within you, encouraging love into the very essence of "self" and allowing you to comfortably explore love in your daily practice. Acts as a compass of the heart, guiding you lovingly to where it feels you need to grow and expand to your purest potential. ⠀

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine opens our hearts to love by releasing emotional obstacles and negative thought patterns that prevented the heart from healing and blocking our ability to trust in love.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 


Emotional balancer that nurtures love and heals emotional wounds from past heartache, codependency, and abuse. Promotes forgiveness and unselfish self-love. Stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra. 

 Pink Opal:

This stone activates and unlocks our heart chakra and charges your aura with calming, tranquil vibrations. It's a perfect stone to carry if you are struggling with any sadness, especially that of a broken heart. lt pushes you to look within, and strengthen your connection to your inner self.


*All crystals vary in color, size, shape, and texture and may not look exactly as pictured.