Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle


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Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle
Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle
Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle

Sourced and energetically charged with love and light by our Founder Crystal herself, this Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle was curated to help you cleanse & align your aura field and chakra system, and provide ultimate psychic protection.

Clearing Ritual: Set an intention to clear and cleanse all holes, leaks, and disturbances in your energy field. Open a door or window and light the Chakra White Rose Sage Smudge Stick, moving the sage in a clockwise circular motion starting at your crown and ending at your root chakra (base of the spine). Laying down, eyes closed, place the Rainbow Fluorite on your Third Eye Chakra  Allowing the energy to flow through your Third Eye into every chakra portal. Envision divine and sacred protection on all levels and timelines. As you feel more balanced energetically you will have a clearer perception and tap into infinite possibilities in the physical and non-physical realm.  Affirm and say aloud "I am free to be, to create, and to choose infinite realms of possibilities."

Included in the collection:


  • Heightens intuitive powers & concentration
  • Grounds & integrates spiritual energies
  • Dispels disorganization & chaos
  • Cleanses & stabilizes the aura
  • Provides psychic protection
  • Activates third eye chakra
  • Repairs DNA damage
  • Clears negativity



This smudge stick is perfect for purification with the added energetic blessings of authentic rose petals. The roses add the blessings of love, happiness, and new beginnings to the white sage. The rose petal colors are aligned with the seven chakras making this a perfect smudge for cleansing your space and yourself as you align your chakras. 


*All crystals vary in color, size, shape, and texture and may not look exactly as pictured.

      Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle
      Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle
      Rainbow Aura Protection Bundle