SHE SAID YES: Krista & Justin's Engagement Journey

SHE SAID YES: Krista & Justin's Engagement Journey

Have you ever met someone and there was an instant connection? So I met a girl named Krista Williams at a dinner in Hollywood I was being honored. The first thing she said to me was “I want you to design my engagement ring.” I joyfully accepted and this was the beginning of an amazing journey - a work relationship that blossomed into a beautiful friendship. And then I met Justin who coincidentally (but not) I had already met before I met Krista. Talk about synergy. Can I tell you how much I love these two?! We’ve all sat on the couch and talked about life, manifesting, pink elephants (inside joke) and love. This two are the real deal. What I love the most about Justin is that he allows Krista to be exactly who she is and supports her growth.

Krista is a modern bride-to-be who was involved in every step of the process. After an initial conversation with Krista regarding design inspo, center stones, I had a separate conversation with Justin to discuss budget and timeline. The first time I met with the couple I brought them three stunning Cushion Cuts for them to choose from within their budget. The stone they loved the most had this beautiful crushed ice effect often found in Cushion Cut's. A crushed ice diamond is simply a stone with a center that looks like shattered glass or ice. The crushed ice look comes from smaller facets on the bottom of the stone than on other cushion cut diamonds you may have seen. These small facets bounce and reflect light off each other, giving it the crushed look. It's simply a personal preference. For the setting, Krista wanted something very simple so the center stone could be the focus. We created a custom carriage for the center stone that has a low profile effect and fits seamlessly on a delicate "Barely There" band. 

There are no rules when it comes to getting engaged and choosing a ring now. I think it's beautiful to see the bride-to-be involved in the process as she's the one who has to wear the ring. You can still keep the element of surprise by allowing the man to plan the proposal and date. 

Justin did good with this ring and I'm so honored to be apart of their journey to becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Please check out Krista's amazing podcast Almost 30 Podcast where she discusses her engagement and how she manifested her beautiful soulmate Justin. So proud of my friend for living in pure authenticity and intention.

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SHE (Solar Healing Energy) Circle

SHE (Solar Healing Energy) Circle


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